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Beauty In Mathematics

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3/11/12 08:21 pm - just_you_wait - Sierpinski Hamantaschen


"the best intersection of math and baking since Pi."

10/21/11 10:20 am - electrodruid - Batman Equation

Originally posted by just_you_wait, although there seem to have been some problems with the original image, so I'm trying this instead:

4/7/11 03:04 pm - just_you_wait

3/21/11 07:34 pm - just_you_wait

3/9/11 09:30 pm - just_you_wait - This is amazing


2/15/11 09:43 pm - bntr - glider

Continuous interpretaion of Conway's glider

0.6mbCollapse )

10/19/10 05:35 am - gaspaheangea - favorite mandelbrot zoom (made by someone else)

But this one in particular deserves more exposure

(higher resolution version here)

10/18/10 11:17 pm - electrodruid - RIP Benoit Mandelbrot

Benoit Mandelbrot died last week, aged 85. His groundbreaking work with fractals needs no introduction in this community, and I don't feel qualified to compose a suitable eulogy for the man. I'll resort to linking to one of many obituaries, and although it's all but impossible to pick out a definitive visual work, I figured I can't go far wrong with something featuring Jonathan Coulton's song (warning: there's a cuss-word in the chorus)

Does anyone else have any favourite Mandelbrot-inspired images or videos?

5/14/10 09:11 am - sweepingcolors - Domain Coloring

I've been exploring domain coloring in my Dominium collection ( SweepingColors.com ) for almost a year now. If you know of any other websites where I can find drawings like these, please let me know. Thanks.

4/7/10 03:11 pm - soymeche - Nature by Numbers

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