Dora (intralimina) wrote in mathart,

Seeing Math

Have you seen the art work of mathematician Anatoly Fomenko? So beautiful... drawings of his visualization of mathematical concepts.

How many of you see mathematical concepts as pictures? Most people look at me sideways if I slip and mention the blue-green interlocking trellis of an associative array in the three-dimensional space in front of me *grin* I thought I was just strange until someone pointed out Fomenko's work to me. Now that know I'm not the only one who sees math, I wonder how common this kind of mathematical visualization is.

I also found a nice cache of math-art here:

I have a BFA in painting but work as an engineer (computer/software/information) and am working on an MS in systems science, so I was quite delighted to find this community :-) I adore math-art.

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