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Beauty In Mathematics

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4/7/10 07:11 am - xah_lee - art exhibition of mathematician Rudy Rucker in San Francisco

There's a painting exhibition in San Francisco, hosted by Science Fiction in San Francisco (SF in SF), featuring the works of mathematician and science fiction writer Rudy Rucker.

Rudy is famous for his books such as “The Fourth Dimension” (1984), Infinity and the Mind (1995), and latest non-fiction on cellular automata: The Life Box, The Seshell, and The Soul (2005). amazon

The painting exhibition will be on from April 9 (Friday) to May 22 (Saturday), at Variety Preview Room in San Francisco. (582 Market Street, San Francisco, CA. (415) 781-3893) (View Map)

You're invited to an opening night party on Friday, April 9, from 6 to 9 pm.

In the closing event on Saturday May 22, from 6 to 10 pm, Rudy will read with author Michael Shea.

Paintings and prints will be for sale at the show during the opening and closing events, or online from Rudy's paintings page.


for links and google map, please see my math blog at

3/28/10 06:20 pm - patrickwonders - Check out these ice crystals...

Check out the ice crystals in this post by bruevich_mikluh in texture.

2/24/10 04:17 pm - just_you_wait - found on the internet

12/6/09 09:19 pm - just_you_wait - polynomial roots


11/16/09 08:25 pm - gaspaheangea - domain coloring request (and two images)

Hi, I'm trying to determine if the following function is modular or not, and

if someone out there could domain color it for me, I'd be most thankful. (tau is in the upper
half plane only, it's zero at rational reals, and I think it's nonconvergent for irrational
reals, but I'm not certain. p_{m} is the mth prime (2,3,5,7,...)

here's something else I'm working on:

Read more...Collapse )

11/9/09 10:43 am - bntr - grouping 1-9 elements in sudoku 3x3x3x3 array

200kbCollapse )

10/30/09 06:54 pm - gaspaheangea - ikeda attractor coloring

ikeda attractor colorizationCollapse )

EDITED to add: I ended up calculating that pseudoexpoential for
the entire plane in the second image.

10/2/09 01:12 pm - patrickwonders - Image Approximation with Genetically Selected Cosines

Inspired by electrodruid's recent post using genetically selected triangles to approximate an image, I opted to leverage my recent obsession with Fourier transforms to do Image Approximation with Genetically Selected Cosines. That link will take you to my blog with all of the source code and some detailed explanation of the method. If you just want to see the results, you can view the video below.

Image Approximation with Genetically Selected Cosines from Patrick Stein on Vimeo.

9/28/09 03:25 am - just_you_wait - found on the internet...

9/25/09 04:20 pm - patrickwonders - Fourier Transforms of Swarm Data

Here are to videos that I created doing inverse Fourier transforms of data pulled from a simulated swarm. For more details, see the blog posts linked with each.

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